Manuka Essential Oil


10ml (.33 fl oz)

Manuka Essential Oil, also known as New Zealand Tee Tree Oil, originates from an evergreen shrub-type tree that grows around various parts of New Zealand. Although it often called New Zealand Tea Tree, Manuka Essential Oil is, in fact, very different from Australian Tea Tree Oil. The most notable difference is Manuka is 3X stronger in antioxidant and antimicrobial properties (or activity) than Tee Tree.

Manuka Essential Oil has a long history of use by the native Maori tribe for various daily living needs as well as a wide range of medicinal and health needs. The wood, bark, and leaves of this plant have been well known for its amazing health properties for many centuries. The Triketones in this oil are amazing and assist in fighting various infections and fungus. Manuka is an excellent oil for uplifting the mind and helpful for emotional wellbeing and superb for a host of physical conditions as well.

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Botanical NameLeptospemum scoparium

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation

Aroma: Sweet, Earthy, Balsamic

Wellness Benefit: Anti-viral, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial, Analgesic, Anti-anxiety / Stress relieving

Shelf Life: 7-8 Years


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